michael jackson dolls


Welcome to my website on which I like to show you my Michael Jackson dolls collection.

The dolls were originally made in 1995, and were dressed in the outfit Michael Jackson wore in the 'Black or White' video.


I would like to invite you to take a look at the outfits I made, you can find them on the different pages sorted by era or event. The dolls are showed in a slideshow.

On the page 'about me' you can find a video made by a befriended photographer, which shows how I make the outfits and what kind of material I use.

In time more outfits will be added, because I am always busy making new ones.

I hope you enjoy watching the dolls as much as I do and if you have questions or suggestions, please contact me through my contact page or leave a message in my guest book.


Thank you.

Mary van der Heijden